Dentro X

    • Die-cast aluminium body, corrosion resistant
    • Designed for high performance LED
    • Developed to enlighten floors with a wide and well-directed light avoiding any glare effect
    • Ideal light source for good ambiance or orient lighting
    • Recessed Step/Wall Light
    • IP Rating 65
    • Color Rendering Index 80
    • Standard Warranty

    Available Models

    SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTIPFinishCut outControlDownload
    170836W606lm80°3000K65Dark Grey- On/Off Datasheet
    IES File
    170843W285lm79°3000K65Dark Grey- On/Off Datasheet
    IES File


    NameDentro XMaterialAluminium body / Glass
    TypeRecessed Wall LuminaireWarranty5 years
    Lamp TypeCREE LEDManufactured bySYV
    NameDentro X
    TypeRecessed Wall Luminaire
    Lamp TypeCREE LED
    MaterialAluminium body / Glass
    Warranty5 years
    Manufactured bySYV

    Customised Configurations

    • 3000K
    • 4000K
    • 6000K
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