Our Place in the Lighting & Electrical Landscape 


    Arrco Lighting Company LLC was established in Dubai in 2011. It's broad and contemporary offering caters to the widest Middle East, Central Africa, North Africa and Central Asia. We offer the latest, most exciting lighting and electrical products, super value for money, a dedicated service philosophy and value added services.

    Standard & Quality

    The Highest Standards

    Our engineers are responsible for the extensive testing and quality assurance that goes into all the products. All our products surpass safety standards and international quality standards.

    • Mission

      To provide our customer with exciting products that are environmentally friendly and fashionable, delivered with expertise and unparalleled service at affordable cost.

    • International Brands

      We expertly source new lighting and electrical trends from overseas, which we then develop for our national and international customers. We can regularly bring them fresh products featuring the most cutting edge designs from the world's finest designers.

    • Our Group

      Our Group consists of Edison Electrical Services LLC based in Dubai, provides electrical and lighting services and installation. Arrco Consulting Australia based in Melbourne Australia, provide lighting and electrical design and consultancy.

    • Product Development

      Product innovation peoples are our growth. Once we have identified a new lighting and electrical trend, we will source, design, manufacture and supply the product to meet international standard. Many of our ranges are exclusive to us.


    Our Showroom