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    Pito MS syv

    • Pito T8 tubes with microwave motion sensor function are an ideal product for corridors, staircases, passageways and other places where light is needed only for a certain amount of time.
    • LED tube automatically turns on when it detects movement, and after its disappearance it switches to standby mode (that consumes only 20% power).
    • Built-in microwave motion detector has a greater range than infrared sensors, it has no dead zones, and its operation is independent of temperature or dirt presence.


    • IP Rating 20
    • Color Rendering Index 85
    • Standard Warranty

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    SKUPowerLumen FluxBeamCCTCRIIPFinishCut out (mm)Download
    1735816W1920lm120°4000K8520White- Datasheet
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