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    Tronco syv

    • Reasonable structure, NO dark spos, NO dazzle.
    • Designed to offer excellent energy saving and
      long lasting benefits.
    • This tube is a direct retrofit with different wattages, compatible with most major ballasts.
    • This product can operate in temperatures down to -20 Degrees Celsius.


    • Ceiling Light
    • IP Rating 20
    • Color Rendering Index 85
    • Standard Warranty

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    SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTCRIIPFinishCut outControlDownload
    1553314W1680lm120°3000K8520White- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    155327W840lm120°3000K8520White- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    156979W1170lm120°4000K8520White- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1542820W2400lm120°3000K8520White- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File