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    LED PL Lamps are designed to have a directional light which means they produce more light because no light will be wasted going back into the ceiling or towards the fitting. LED PL lamps are renowned for their uniform consistency and have a 50% reduction in electricity consumption.The LED lamps have a long life – up to 2.5 times and they have an expected 40,000 hours rated life which means fewer lamp replacements.


    • IP Rating 20
    • Color Rendering Index 80
    • Standard Warranty

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    SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTCRIIPFinishCut outControlDownload
    1577710W1250lm120°6000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1577010W1250lm120°6000K-20Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1576910W1250lm120°3000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    156768W770lm120°3000K8020Chrome Datasheet
    IES File
    157718W840lm120°6000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1538210W1250lm120°6000K8020Chrome Datasheet
    IES File