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    Hacer syv

    • Constantly high light current through a wide temperature range
    • Good color reproduction
    •  Good selection in regards to environmental aspects like energy efficiency, lifespan and low mercury content
    • Very suitable for compact lamps, for example, installed or attached downlights, in private and professional applications
    • The light technical and electrical properties of the bulb are influenced by the operating conditions like the surrounding temperature and the operation position as well as the HF ballast used.


    • IP Rating 20
    • Color Rendering Index -
    • Standard warranty

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    SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTCRIIPFinishCut outControlDownload
    1577710W1250lm120°6000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1577010W1250lm120°6000K-20Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1576910W1250lm120°3000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    156768W770lm120°3000K8020Chrome Datasheet
    IES File
    157718W840lm120°6000K8020Chrome- Switchable Datasheet
    IES File
    1538210W1250lm120°6000K8020Chrome Datasheet
    IES File