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    Plaza syv

    • Retrofit installation is a breeze with these low-profile troffers.
    • An LED troffer can easily replace any existing 2x4ft fluorescent panel light.
    • The shallow fixture depth is easy for ceilings with minimal space for housing.
    • The concave shape provides a modern look and distributes light both horizontally and vertically.
    • Housing: Plastic frame + PC
    • Produces a gentle and uniform illumination, offering state of the art energy efficient lighting
    • Easy to install making replacement of traditional fixtures simple


    • Recessed
    • IP Rating IP40
    • Color Rendering Index 80
    • Standard Warranty

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    SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTCRIIPFinishCut outControlDownload
    1536735W4025lm120°6000k80IP40White- On or Off Datasheet
    IES File
    1523435W3850lm120°4000K80IP40White- On or Off Datasheet
    IES File
    1544750W5500lm125°6000k80IP40White- On or Off Datasheet
    IES File