Industrial Cable Reel- 25 Meter

    Portable and light – lots of cable taking up little space. Reel body made from special plastic on a galvanized frame. 3 water-jet protected earthed socket outlets with self-closing protective caps.
    Ergonomic handle and axle for precision cable-management when winding and rewinding.

      Available Models

      SKUPowerLumenBeamCCTIPFinishCut outControlDownload
      14189Blue/Black Datasheet
      IES File
      14274Blue/Black Datasheet
      IES File


      NameIndustrial Cable Reel- 25 MeterMaterialbreak-resistant plastic body
      Lamp TypeManufactured byBrennenstuhl
      NameIndustrial Cable Reel- 25 Meter
      Lamp Type
      Materialbreak-resistant plastic body
      Manufactured byBrennenstuhl