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Earth Hour 2018: Lights out across UAE as Earth Hour is marked,
 28 Mar 2018

The UAE joined countries all over the world in marking Earth Hour on Saturday evening by switching off thousands of lights.

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Seven Rules of Lighting a Room Like a Pro,
 20 Mar 2018

You seriously don’t know how little you know about home lighting until you ask an expert. Dan Haddock of Houselights spoke on accents, chandelier height, and how and where, exactly, to put all your lamps.

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Thousands across the UAE celebrated Flag Day,
 02 Nov 2017

Whether it was a small flag on the desk or banners draped across skyscrapers, thousands across the country raised the national colours in honour of the accession of Sheikh Khalifa as President.

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Popular Trends in Hospitality Lighting ,
 13 Aug 2017

In order to ensure customer loyalty you need to create a memorable experience for every guest in the most unique way possible.With SYV LED Lighting, you can now welcome and entertain your guests who walk through the door. 

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Dubai Expo 2020,
 13 Aug 2017

There are approximately 200 nationalities living in the UAE making the country truly global. Unlike countries that bid for a World Expo to build new infrastructure (such as airports, ports, rail and road transport systems), Dubai and the UAE have a ready platform on all fronts. Dubai’s strategic global location in the middle of the East and the West makes it the most sought-after destinations for the expo.

Earth Hour organised by DEWA for the 10th consecutive year,
 29 Mar 2017

On Saturday, 25 March 2017, WWF’s Earth Hour rolled across the world once again. From New York to New Zealand, Paris to Dubai, millions of you came together to shine a light on climate action.

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Hospitality lighting design, Why it matters,
 09 Jul 2018

The hospitality business involves serving people and giving them enjoyment. From restaurants to hotels, resorts, and even theme parks.

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Cable reels with protection type and cable quality,
 03 Apr 2018

Do you know the difference between protection type IP44 for short term and continuous use outdoors?

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How Lighting Can Create Difference in Supermarkets,
 10 Feb 2018

Supermarkets and grocery stores usually struggle with increasing food and producing sales, of which lighting can play a major factor to. Accurate lighting can provide enough brightness and highlight items to make them stand out and look fresh with a high color contrasting.

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7 Reasons To Use Solar Lighting Over Electric.,
 14 Jan 2018

Solar panels produce electricity by converting the sun's energy into high temperature heat. How it does this is through various mirror configurations. From there, the heat is then channeled through a conventional generator.

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The Right Lamp Adds More Than Light -- It Also Adds Style.,
 18 Dec 2017

As you get deeper into decorating your home, you will realize that it is the tiny details that end up making the biggest difference. Few lighting fixtures combine timeless charm, modern allure and smart functionality like the lovely table lamp.

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How to choose the right Pendant Light,
 15 Nov 2017

The kitchen pendant light will be the ornament to your kitchen; that will not only decorate the space but also assist you in everyday tasks. Here is a guide to pick out the perfect style and type of fixture that will suit your taste and needs and help narrow down your choice.

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Top 5 indoor led lighting design ideas,
 14 Oct 2017
We always strive to get as much light as possible in our homes. We let the natural light come inside during the day, but as soon as the night falls, the house seems rather dark. Read More
Well-chosen outdoor lighting fixtures,
 24 Sep 2017

Make a night on the patio magical or conjure a warm welcome for guests on the porch with well-chosen outdoor lighting fixtures. Choosing an exterior fixture adds charm, curb appeal and character to any home.

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How to Choose a Chandelier,
 27 Jul 2017

Chandeliers not just illuminate a room, they add your style and decorates your home. Any decorative piece including your chandelier makes a large difference in creating the look and feel of a room. 

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How to Choose Recessed Lighting,
 14 Jun 2017

There are two main components to recessed lighting: the housing and the trim. While choosing the right trim is largely based on your personal taste, choosing the right housing can be a little more technical

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Bring Italy to your garden with Paber Outdoor Lightings,
 17 May 2017

"Most people don't realize this, but the backyard is a whole new room that they haven't explored fully," says outdoor lighting designer Michael Sestak. "You have the option to go beyond ...

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11 Earth Day Tips To Make Our Planet A Better Place,
 22 Apr 2017
Earth Day is celebrated globally every year on April 22. With the aim to encourage people to be more environment friendly, the day is celebrated with festivals, rallies and celebrity support.  Read More
Watts vs. lumens: How to choose the right LED light bulb,
 05 Mar 2017

Using watts to gauge the brightness of an LED bulb? Don't.

To make the best use of daylight it is first necessary to recognise that daylight can have both positive and negative effects on people.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Daylighting,
 12 Feb 2017

To make the best use of daylight it is first necessary to recognise that daylight can have both positive and negative effects on people.

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